Beirut Printmaking Studio


Beirut Printmaking Studio is an inclusive space for people from all walks of life interested in discovering, learning, and practicing art through the printed image.

Twice a year we offer courses and workshops in analog printmaking (all forms), film photography and  darkroom practice in black & white, color and alternative techniques.

We devote much of our time into the research of long forgotten techniques such as collotypes, gum-prints and emulsion making and we take pride in hosting all those techniques under one roof! 

Courses & Workshops


Our courses in printmaking techniques, photography and darkroom are all 3-credit equivalent.  


Our workshops run for 1 to 4 sessions and they serve as a complement to the techniques taught in our longer courses.

Printmaking Studio
Our studio is equipped with 1 full sheet etching press (max print size 80 x 120cm), 1 litho press (max stone size 50 x 60cm) and 1 4-color silkscreen carrousel (max frame size 30 x 40cm).

In our darkroom, we are ready to process any film from 35mm to 8×10. We are equipped with four enlargers that cover small (35mm), medium (6×6, 6×7 & 6×9), and large (4×5) formats both for b&w and color. We also have three drum processors for developing films each dedicated to a specific process, C-41, E6 and B&W. Recently we added a RA-4 print processor with the capacity of making c-prints of 50cm x 200cm. We are in the process of building our own 8×10 enlarger (expected completion: Fall 2024).

Woodworking Workshop

We have a fully equipped woodworking workshop that is available as a complement for for our community when it comes to making frames, chassi, installations or anything they might need.

Our garden area is also available for rent for outdoor activities and lectures with a seating capacity of 60 people.


Next open call: June 2024

This program is aimed at university students that have the talent but not necessarily the means to study and produce works in printmaking. This program will offer a one-year fully paid scholarship program at our studios with all materials included so that students can learn the numerous techniques in printmaking and later produce their own body of work resulting in a collective exhibition.

Next open call: June 2024

The Printmaking Residency Program aims at giving the opportunity for emerging artists who want to work in printmaking but do not have the means to study and produce works with this medium. It will offer a one-year residency at our studio with all materials provided. Participants will learn the numerous techniques of printmaking and will be able to produce their own body of work resulting in a collective exhibition.