Beirut Printmaking Studio
Residency Program 2023

We are glad to announce the open call for the Beirut Printmaking Studio Residency Program 2023!

The Printmaking Residency Program aims at giving the opportunity for emerging artists who want to work in printmaking but do not have the means to study and produce works with this medium. It will offer a one-year residency at our studio with all materials provided.

Participants will learn the numerous techniques of printmaking and will be able to produce their own body of work resulting in a collective exhibition.

Candidates should apply with a project in printmaking in mind that may or may not converge with their work.  For this we ask for an artist statement and project proposal.

Beirut Printmaking Studio will offer 2 residencies aimed at early career artists in the fields of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design and that have been working in their field of arts for not more than 5 years.

The program consists of a 6 month training period in the techniques of printmaking practiced in the studio follow by a 6 month period of production for the annual Residency exhibition.

Terms & Conditions

– This is a one-year commitment. The first semester is a training period. After that, the residents will work collectively in an exhibition.

– Residents must attend their sessions WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

– Residents are expected to abide by studio and community regulations.

– For every work created, one edition must be left at the benefit of the studio. The prints will be sold at the exhibition to raise funds for the following years residency programs.

-At the end of every month residents will pass through an assessment. Residents that do not pass the assessment will be dismissed and a runner-up residency candidate will take their place.

– Sessions will be scheduled upon the time availability of each individual participant.

-Candidates that are currently part of any other residency program are not eligible.  Once selectet, a resident may NOT participate in any other residency until the completion of the studio’s program.

Who Qualifies

  • Any nationality living in Lebanon.
  • Above 21 years old.
  • Graduated not more than 5 years ago.
  • Graduated in the fields of Fine Arts, Design or Architecture.
Important Dates

Submission deadline 31/08/2023
Winners announcement 15/09/2023
Start of Scholarship 18/09/2023

How to Apply

Send us an email to beirutprintmakingstudio(at)gmail(dot)com.

On the subject line write the following:

In this email, please attach one PDF file containing the following:

  1. Short bio + CV
  2. Artist statement
  3. Project proposal
  4. 10 samples of previous works

Proposals that do not follow these standards will be dismissed.


Residency in progress.

Your work will be anonymously presented to a panel of 5 jurors. You will be selected entirely based upon the quality of your work. The names of jurors will be announced after the results are out.

This residency program was originally made possible by: