Beirut Printmaking Studio
Scholarship Program 2024

Through the support of the “Solidarité avec Beirut Printmaking Studio” initiative headed by Sabine Delahaut and Jean-Michel Uyttersprot, we are glad to announce and offer our Printmaking Scholarship program.

This program is aimed at university students that have the talent but not necessarily the means to study and produce works in printmaking. The program will offer a one-year apprenticeship at our studios with all materials included so that students can learn the numerous techniques in printmaking and later produce their own body of work resulting in a collective exhibition.

This program is open to any student, Lebanese or foreign currently enrolled in any major, of the ages 17 and up and with fluency in drawing. Having taken Drawing and Fundamentals of Design courses are a bonus.

To learn more about the
“Solidarité avec Beirut Printmaking Studio” initiative:

Terms & Conditions

-This is a one year commitment.

-Applicants must have a high GPA and it must be maintained throughout the program.

-This call is exclusive for university students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in arts and design programs.

-Students must attend their weekly sessions and must be available for work at the studio for a minumum of 40 hours per month.

-Students are expected to work collectively and individually.

-For every work created, one edition must be left at the benefit of the studio in order to raise funds for the following years program and another print might be asked to integrate the studios print cabinet.

-The exact schedule of sessions will be adapted to the needs of each student.

Important Dates

Program in recess until June 2024.

Submission deadline TBD
Winners announcement TBD
Start of Scholarship TBD

How to Apply


Please wait for open call instructions.


This program in recess until June 2024.